NM-ARTS (New Mexico Amateur Radio Technical Society) – first proposed (power point presentation) at the 2008 Duke City Hamfest – is a special interest group (SIG) of the Upper Rio FM Society with the mission of helping members learn and apply technology needed to realize HW and SW that implement RF circuits, uProcessor based processing and control circuits, and electronics in general.

While the concept was proposed at a HAM convention, NM-ARTS does not limit itself to HAM radio projects. Today’s HAM radio activities have merged with Internet, computer, and software technologies yielding areas of interest like APRS, PSK31, and VoIP based EchoLink / IRLP. Because of this, HAMS interested in more than just buying an appliance need to understand these technologies. Non-HAMS can learn the same technologies and apply what they learn to other projects.

The mission of NM-ARTS then is to (1) connect people that want to complete an electronics / software project with those than can advise or might be interested in joining the development team and (2) provide an environment for people to learn about electronics, radio, and software technologies. 

Sub-pages under this page are used to manage and document various NM-ARTS projects and activities.

NM-ARTS also maintains an e-mail reflector for group wide communication and announcements. To join the reflector visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NM-ARTS/.

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