Special Interest Groups

SIGs focus on specific areas of interest


The URFMSI has two special interest groups open to all .

New Mexico Space Studies (NMSS) is an educational outreach group that brings STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to New Mexico school children via high altitude balloon launches. NMSS also conducts its own research by launching experimental payloads to near space. Learn about the space studies group by visiting their web site at http://www.nm-ss.org.

The New Mexico Amateur Radio Alliance (NMARA) is an outreach group with the mission to raise the public’s awareness of Amateur Radio and help new hams get started. The intent of this special interest group is to not promote ham radio to the ham radio community but instead promote ham radio to the general public, such as at home shows, the mall, airport displays, outdoor shows, and more. Learn more about NMARA by visiting its website and joining its email reflector.


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