Upper Rio FM Society Privacy Policy

June 3, 2018


We are providing details about the information we collect and how we use that information. We are also explaining your choices and the control you have over your information.

What information do we collect?

The Upper Rio FM Society maintains a database of members, current and past. Information stored in the database is the same as the information requested on our membership form. We also include the date, amount, and payment method of the last membership payment.

Why do we retain this information?

We retain this information to understand the demographics of the Society’s membership, to allow us to communicate Society business to the membership, and to provide services that come with membership.

We generally do not delete member data when membership expires. This makes renewal at a later date easier and allows us to continue to send past members information about the Society (e.g. newsletters).

Requests for copies of stored data, verification of data in our database, updating or deletion of data, or any other matter associated with membership data can be directed to the Society’s web master.

Do we share Information?

We do not share information directly with any third party except as noted below:

  • For the convenience of members, the Society makes an abbreviated version of the database available through the web site. This abbreviated data contains call sign, name, and expiration date. All other information retained by the Society is deleted from the website version.
  • The Upper Rio FM Society uses a mail list service known as MailChimp to distribute newsletters and other official Society business. We provide name, call sign, and email address to MailChimp. Members have direct access to their data on MailChimp (there is a link at the bottom of every email message) and can request that it be changed, removed (or added) at any time. MailChimp’s privacy policy can be reviewed at mailchimp.com. Requests for removal can also be made to the Society’s web master.
  • The Upper Rio FM Society uses PayPal to process online membership payments. The Upper Rio maintains data provided on the membership form filled out prior to checkout but transfers control to PayPal during the check-out process. The Society does not have access to or store any financial information on any of our servers. PayPal’s privacy policy can be viewed at paypal.com.



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