APRS Repeater System

New Mexico has world class APRS coverage!


New Mexico is proud to have one of the best APRS digipeater networks in the country, thanks to the wonderful Hams who voluntarily provide and maintain them. Our mountainous terrain allows the majority of the state to be blanketed with APRS coverage, particularly along major highways, interstates and metropolitan areas.

The APRS digipeaters below are either operated by the Upper Rio FM Society, or by another party as affiliated systems. They are all located on 144.39 MHz simplex and available for your use.

Note: To prevent network congestion due to these digipeaters’ significant coverage, please do not set your TNC’s UNPROTO command beyond WIDE3-3.

Alias Call Type> Location
CREST K5DIG-8 KPC-3 Ver 8.2 Albuquerque, NM
BENRDG K5BEN-15 KPC 3 Ver 8.3 Cloudcroft, NM
TAPIA K5DIG-10 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Clines Corners, NM
MRICA K5DIG-13 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Conchas Lake, NM
GALLUP K5DIG-1 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Gallup, NM
LAMOSC K5DIG-4 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Grants, NM
RAVEN K5CQH-15 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Tijeras, NM
TUCARI K5DIG-15 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Tucumcari, NM
DARKCN K5DKC-15 UIDIGI Ver 1.86 Dark Canyon,NM
SAMTNM KD5CHU-15 UIDIGI v 1.86 Tres Piedras, NM
RATON KK5OB-2 UIDIGI v1.86 Raton, NM
DEZA N5DIG-1 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Tohatchi, NM
HARRIS N5DIG-3 KPC 3 Ver 8.3 Bloomfield, NM
EUREKA N5DIG-5 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Cuba, NM
RRSKI N5DIG-9 UIDIGI v 1.86 Red River, NM
TAOSKI N5DIG-10 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Taos Ski Valley, NM
ANGFIR N5DIG-11 UIDIGI v 1.86 Anglefire, NM
COALMT N5DIG-12 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Elizabethtown, NM
GRND N5DIG-15 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Des Moines, NM
LTLFLO N5NGZ-15 UIDIGI Ver 1.86 Deming, NM
DVPORT W5DIG-1 KPC 3+ Ver 8.3 Datil, NM
LUERA W5DIG-2 UIDIGI v 1.86 Luera Peak, NM
MMTN W5DIG-3 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Socorro, NM
CAPILA W5DIG-4 KPC 3 Ver.8.2 Manzano, NM<
GALPK W5DIG-5 UIDIGI v 1.86 Corona, NM
FTSUMN W5DIG-6 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Fort Sumner, NM
CABALL W5DIG-8 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 T or C, NM
COWMTN W5DIG-9 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Ruidoso, NM
CAPTAN W5DIG-10 KPC 3 Ver .2 Capitan, NM
DUNLAP W5DIG-11 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Dunlap, NM
BLKWTR W5DIG-13 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Clovis, NM
MALJAM W5DIG-15 UIDIGI v 1.86 Maljamar, NM
ELKMTN W5SF-1 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Pecos, NM
TESQUE W5SF-2 KPC3+ Ver 8.3 Santa Fe, NM
JACKPK WB5QHS-15 KPC 3 Ver 8.2 Silver City, NM

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