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New Mexico has world class repeater coverage!


Upper Rio FM Society Repeaters

Any Ham Radio operator is welcomed to use any of the repeaters listed below. However, URFMSI repeater linking and autopatch DTMF codes are confidential and for Full/Family members only. Note that autoptach is now available on the 146.90 machine.

For a full size map of the Upper Rio and Mega Link repeater systems, go to the bottom of this page and click on a thumbnail.



Name Call Freq. Offset PL (Hz) Elevation Location
Albuquerque K5FIQ 146.90 67 5,475 ABQ Op Center
Albuquerque K5FIQ 449.55 71.9 5,475 ABQ Op Center
Capilla Peak K5URR 146.96 100 9,390 SE of Albuquerque
Mt. Taylor (LM) K5URR 146.94 100 11,081 NE of Grants
Mt. Taylor (MR) K5URR 146.64 67 9,332 ENE of Grants
Tapia Mesa K5FIQ 147.06 + 67 7,528 N of Clines Corners
Sandia Peak K5FIQ 442.450 + 67 10,680 Sandia Peak


Here is a printable list of all repeaters associated with the Upper Rio FM Society (Upper Rio proper, Mega Link, and other affiliates.

Mega-Link Connectivity

Upper Rio FM Society has a close working relationship with the Mega-Link repeater network. All URFMSI linking, autodial and phone patch commands are accepted by the Mega-Link. See the Mega-Link web site for a current listing of their repeaters.


Affiliate System Connectivity

The Upper Rio FM Society repeaters can also link to the the following affiliate repeater systems

Link System Coverage as of July 5, 2021
Location Elevation Freq & Offset PL Tone Sponsor Status Notes
Northern New Mexico
Elk Mountain (N of Pecos) 11,600 147.260+ 67 ML
Eureka Mesa (E of Cuba) 9,667 147.240+ 67 ML
Harris Mesa (SE of Bloomfild) 6,949 147.280+ 67 ML
Iron Mountain (N of Eagle Nest) 11,732 444.350+ 100 ML
San Antonio Mountain (N of Tres Piedras) 10,908 147.220+ 100 ML
Sierra Grande (E of Raton) 8,720 147.280+ 100 ML
Taos Ski Valley (NE of Taos) 11,900 147.140+ 67 ML
Turkey Mountain (W of Wagon Mound) 8,480 147.200+ 67 ML
Central New Mexico
ABQ Metro D-Star K5URR Mod C Gateway 5,475 146.860- None URFMSI D-Star
ABQ Metro D-Star K5URR Mod B Gateway 5,475 449.450- None URFMSI D-Star
ABQ Metro (ABQ Op Center) 5,475 449.550- 71.9 URFMSI
Capilla Peak (SE of Albuquerque) 9,390 146.960- 100 URFMSI
Capilla Peak D-Star W5URD Mod B Gateway 9,380 444.525+ None URFMSI D-Star
Cedro Peak (SE of Tijeras) 7,767 147.340+ 67 ML
Clovis (Downtown) 4,295 442.525+ 67 ML
Ft. Sumner (W of Fort Sumner) 4,580 147.140+ 100 ML
Gallinas Lookout (W of Corona) 8,730 147.280+ 100 ML
Melrose (W of Clovis) 4,560 147.280+ 67 ML
Mesa Rica (S of Conchas Dam Lake) 5,390 147.360+ 100 ML
Microwave Ridge (E of Grants) 9,332 146.640- 67 URFMSI
Microwave Ridge (E of Grants) 9,332 146.660- 100 ML
Mt. Taylor – La Mosca (NE of Grants) 11,081 146.940- 100 URFMSI
Sandia Crest (E of Albuquerque) 10,680 444.325+ 100 ML
Sandia Crest (E of Albuquerque) 10,680 145.290- 100 ML
Sandia Crest (E of Alb) D-Star W5MPZ Mod B Gateway 10,680 443.8+ None SARC
Tapia Mesa (N of Cline’s Corners) 7,528 147.060+ 67 URFMSI
Tucumcari Mountain (S of Tucumcari) 4,975 147.220+ 100 ML
La Mosca Peak 11,081 444.80+ 67 ML
ABQ Metro (ABQ Op Center) 5,475 146.900- 47 URFMSI
Southern New Mexico
Caballo (SE of Truth or Consequences) 7,550 147.260+ 100 ML
Capitan Peak (NW of Roswell) 10,450 146.660- 67 ML
Buck Mountain (NW of Ruidoso) 9,431 444.375+ 67 ML
Las Cruces (E of Las Cruces) 5,270 147.180+ 100 ML
Little Florida Mountain (SE of Deming) 5,260 147.02.+ 100 ML
Long Ridge (E of Alamogordo) 7,782 145.350- 67 ML
“M” Mountain (W of Socorro) 7,201 147.240+ 100 ML
Maljamar (NW of Hobbs) 4,300 147.140+ 67 ML
Roswell (E of Roswell) 3,971 147.260+ 100 ML
Western New Mexico
Davenport Lookout (N of Datil) 9,300 147.040+ 100 ML
Deza Bluff (N of Gallup) 9,000 147.220+ 67 ML
Frisco Divide (WNW of Reserve) 8,419 147.360+ 67 ML
Jacks Peak (NE of Lordsburg) 7,986 145.170- 100 ML
Luera Mountain (S of Datil) 9,420 147.140+ 100 ML
Pinos Altos (N of Silver City) 8,163 147.260+ 100 ML
Southwest Texas
Mt. Franklin (N of El Paso) 5,470 147.200+ 67 ML
North Park (NE of El Paso) 3,950 442.250+ 100 ML
North Park (NE of El Paso) 3,950 147.140+ 67 ML
All repeaters above are accessible by the URFMSI linking system and all have Auto-Patch capability
Taos Amateur Radio Club (TARC) repeaters are not yet linked into the URFMSI system.


All Mega-Link information comes from their map dated May, 2021. Visit the Mega Link web site for repeater status.



Upper Rio Map (PDF) (click for full size)


Mega-Link Map (JPG) (click for full size)



General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)

GMRS is a non-amateur service that several Upper Rio FM Society members support and may be of interest to others.


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