Club volunteers have been busy doing great work to get the Capilla repeater back online. The tower has been rebuilt to its full height. After two un-successful trips to the site (strong winds made tower work unsafe), the winds finally cooperated and all the antennas were installed. The rebuilt repeater was checked out by Paul Choc, and installed on the mountain on December 30th.

One of the changes for this repeater is the linking connection. Before the linking was done by an UHF link, but the RF link was marginal. So the club elected to switch the linking function to be provided over the internet. This change turned out to be a challenge, it was a learning activity, but we feel the club will see the benefits in the future.

This work could not have been completed without the help of many Upper Rio Volunteers. Your fellow club members that made this happen are (and any omissions are the fault of the editor) Paul Choc, Jim Dalton, Russel Herring, David Horak, Jon Pendley, Don Wood, Don K. Wood, Adrian Miura, Ed Gunther, Ed James, Glen Mauger, and Goodie for organizing and pushing to get things done!.

We also want to thank non-members who provided support: Lobo Internet Services, Carl Muehlenweg, Ken King and Charlie Harkie


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