A new D-Star reflector for New Mexico has been brought on-line by the Upper Rio FM Society. This is reflector REF055

The server for this reflector and the internet connection are being provided by Lobo Net. The internet connection is high bandwidth capable of 100 Mbits/sec symmetric. This should permit a large number of D-Star Gateways to connect simultaneously.

A D-Star reflector has 4 modules (A, B, C, & D) that a gateway can link to.

  • The “A” module of reflector 55  has been designated for uses by gateways in New Mexico and surrounding states.
  • The “B” module has been designated for use by New Mexico ARES/RACES, Search & Rescue and SKY Warn.
  • The “C” and “D” modules have been designated for open use by any D-Star user in the world.

The Upper Rio Gateways (W5URD and K5URR) have been configured to automatically link to REF055A daily from 06:00 – 21:30 local time. Of course any user can unlink a gateway from the reflector to initiate a link to somewhere else.

Other New Mexico Gateway administrators have been invited to link in there gateways also. As of this writing, the Los Alamos (NM5WR) gateway is also linking in regularly.

The status of the reflector can be viewed at http://ref055.dstargateway.org/


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