January 22, 2014: The Gary Diamond Memorial Repeater, K5FSB was placed in operation this morning by Mike Langner and Larry Goga.  This returns the Upper Rio FM Society to Sandia Crest after an absence of many years.  Initial reports from Don Wood and Jim Hunter indicate that the repeater is operating well.

The repeater is now in a testing phase and we will be gathering signal reports and comments for the next 90 to 120 days.  That will help us to determine our next course of action.  The linking system remains to tested, but that is the next order of business.

Here are the particulars on the repeater:

  • Tx: 442.600 MHz.
  • Rx: 447.600 MHz.
  • Offset: + 5 MHz. offset.
  • PL Tone: 100 Hz.

There is a voting receiver with 4 inputs to a voting controller.  Three of the antenna are Yagis pointed to the South Valley, Bernalillo and Santa Fe respectively.  The fourth antenna is a vertical monopole.  The transmitter output power is 20 Watts.

Our thanks to Jim Gale and Dan Zillich at KNME and Paul Choc for their assistance in helping us to get this repeater on the air.


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